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EBC - EBC Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit (BLM2028-2F)

EBC - EBC Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit (BLM2028-2F)

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We sell all pads and discs per side or caliper, Please choose the right quantity, if you're unsure please get in touch.

EBC Brakes® motorcycle grooved replacement brake shoes have angled grooves that are designed to channel away water, dirt and dust from the braking area. This helps to improve the braking and extend the life of the shoe and brake drum. Grooves are made using pressed steel platforms for ATV brake shoes or with high pressure die cast aluminium platforms for two wheeled machines.

Shoes are edge trimmed and radius ground exactly into the brake drum. They have chamfers on the ends of the lining and come complete with OE style brake shoe springs. ALWAYS REPLACE BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT BRAKE SHOES on any four wheel ATV - this will ensure there is no side to side brake pulling which can lead to the vehicle pulling sideways.

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