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EBC - Clutch Basket Holding Tool (CT091)

EBC - Clutch Basket Holding Tool (CT091)

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This kit is a longer lasting clutch with higher heat resistance. Perfect for heavier sport bikes, fast riders and production based race use. Contains a complete engine set of aramid paper lined clutch plates as well as heavy duty clutch springs or diaphragm type springs where appropriate. Each kit is measured to the perfect stack height and should only be fitted as a whole kit. Soak clutch plates in the correct quantity of manufacturer's recommended drive case oil for a few hours before installation. Never use automatic transmission fluid. We recommend that this clutch is fitted by a professionally trained mechanic.

It is best to fit new clutch springs at the same time as changing clutch plates due to heat fatigue of old springs. Before riding your motorcycle please ensure you are comfortable with the new lever force and can easily disengage the clutch with minimal hand pressure. Have an experienced rider test the machine before putting back into full service.

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