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MTB Red Pads

MTB Red Brake Pads

Still the organic compound but with a little extra friction. 

 It is absolutely vital that you understand the brake system on your mountain bikes, how it works, and what the different parts are. Many hydraulic brake systems are more prone to swell and softening if over-worked and start to overheat. You do not have to worry about this with EBC Red Brake Pads. 

MTB Red Pads


Lifetime on these are quite short however, immaculate quality. Extremely low rotor damage and very minimal heat transfer into the mountain bikes hydraulic system. These pads are perfect for downhill mountain biking. 


These pads have a much higher degree of friction levels and are primarily suited for racing conditions. Especially those riding downhill and those that just want optimal braking performance for their mountain bike. We do not recommend these pads for everyday bike riding usage as the bite can be heavy. 

Mountain Bike

Carefully crafted using only the highest quality of materials and parts within the mountain bike industry, the EBC Gold Brake Pads are manufactured fully within the EBC Brakes USA factory. 



Ensure optimal braking performance with high strength return springs and magnetic backing plates. 
EBC currently offer 3 different brake pad compounds for mountain bikes, as well as 2 types brake discs, each tailored towards different riding styles. Visit our other Product Knowledge pages to learn more.