MTB Green Pads–
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MTB Green Pads

MTB Green Pads

High quality organic compound making this an excellent replacement pad for pleasure riding and cross country. 

EBC Green Pads make the perfect choice for all round everyday riding, or if you are unsure on which compound will be best for you, green will suit most riders needs. The two main features of this pad are the extremely long lifetime, and great stopping power. For all brake systems which use a spring clip for pad retraction, EBC includes new improved strength retraction springs.

MTB Green Pads

For systems using a magnet for pad retraction these are ideal but for all bike systems the benefit of a stainless steel backing plate is self evident. Many mountain bike brake discs are non-hardened and have the words “Resin pad only” on them. It is critical that when you see this marking that you use a pad similar to EBC Green which is very low in its disc abrasion features.

Remember the motto, if in doubt go for EBC green.

Mountain Bike

Carefully crafted using only the highest quality of materials and parts within the mountain bike industry, the EBC Gold Brake Pads are manufactured fully within the EBC Brakes USA factory. 
Ensure optimal braking performance with high strength return springs and magnetic backing plates. 
EBC currently offer 3 different brake pad compounds for mountain bikes, as well as 2 types brake discs, each tailored towards different riding styles. Visit our other Product Knowledge pages to learn more. 

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