MTB Gold Pads

MTB Gold Brake Pads
EBC sintered copper alloy brake pads can last several times longer than that of organic brake pads. 
If you are simply looking for the best value for money with pads that can last for incredibly long, these sintered gold pads are without a doubt the best option for you. These pads are guaranteed to last longer than anything else currently on the market - with a much higher friction rate you will be able to brake harder, for longer due to the copper alloy golden material. 
MTB Gold Brake Pads
These brake pads in particular are suited to riding in fairly tough conditions. Such as; mud, sand, and grit. We do not recommend using these for downhill biking or racing as there can be overheating issues if the brake are applied to much. 
Mountain Bike
Carefully crafted using only the highest quality of materials and parts within the mountain bike industry, the EBC Gold Brake Pads are manufactured fully within the EBC Brakes USA factory. 
Ensure optimal braking performance with high strength return springs and magnetic backing plates. 
EBC currently offer 3 different brake pad compounds for mountain bikes, as well as 2 types brake discs, each tailored towards different riding styles. Visit our other Product Knowledge pages to learn more.