EBC EPFA Sintered Fast Street & Trackday Brake Pads

The USA-made EBC Brakes™ EPFA Sintered Pads for Fast Street and Trackday is a premium long life street pad with improved fade resistance and heat cycling and improved noise characteristics. EPFA is a great pad for heavy streetbikes, cruisers and faster superbikes as well as intermittent track use.

Sintered Brake Pads

The compound is based on the EBC Brakes™ top selling Double-H™ sintered material with extra friction stabilising additives for improved brake effect and heat cycling.

Many pads feature double segment pad technology which reduces flexing of the backplate and gives better venting to the pad. These pads are German TÜV tested and have ABE certification making them suitable for street use as well as being ideal for occasional Trackday riding. If you require a pad purely for track use we recommend the GPFAX range.

Statement on Race Use
Racing is a dangerous sport and EBC wishes to advise all users that any and all liability using any EBC products for any kind of Motorsport, track day event or racing lies purely and exclusively with the user. There is no liability or guarantee nor responsibility accepted by EBC Brakes® or its affiliates or officers for incidents or costs occurring in such race use.